My novelette Slow Boat is in the August 2010 issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction, in stores now!  Read an excerpt on their site here. And more about the story here.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed The Union Of Soil And Sky, and eagerly anticipated your next story in Asimov’s … Slow Boat was a fun, clever and SMART story and a real treat. My only wish in both cases … MORE MORE MORE. Looking forward to more words with thanks!

  2. Cathy, many many thanks! It looks like my short story “Freia in the Sunlight” will be out in Asimov’s before the end of the year; it’s quite different from either of the previous two…

    I’ve been mulling over a sequel to “Union”, and I’d really like NaN and A(i)da, so there may be more in both worlds some day. I am off to the Clarion workshop next week, and by the end of that I hope to have four to eight new stories…!

    Thanks again for your kind comments!

  3. Thanks for Slow Boat, awesome story that I had to finish much too quickly. Any chance of expansion to book form, more on NaN and her world would be eagerly awaited. Enjoy your summer!

  4. Rich, many thanks!

  5. Here are a first couple of reviews. WARNING: they both give details that might be considered spoilers.

  6. And yet another review:

    and there is one in the August print edition of Locus.

  7. […] image for this site, did this fantastic painting of NaN, Our Lady of Omissions, from my novelette Slow Boat.  Last thing NaN remembers, she was snoozing on her coach in Reno.  Either someone has stolen the […]

  8. […] novella “Slow Boat“, originally published in the July 2010 issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction, was […]

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