Here’s an amazing concept design by artist Leilani Joy for The Scout from my story The Tale of the Scout and the Pachydormu, out now at Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

A great audio adaptation of my story Two Things About Thrand Zany’s TechnoThèque is out now at StarShipSofa, read by Katherine Inskip.  Thanks as always to StarShipSfoa’s Jeremy Szal and Tony C. Smith.  The story originally appeared at the online magazine Unlikely Story’s special issue The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography.

And thanks for artists Dermot Power and Brian Matyas for these paintings of the story’s main character Halo Shenoy:
halogen_shenoy haloshenoybm_sm thruppencecandyfinal140211_sm

I did the animation and music for this trailer for Jeff VanderMeer’s remarkable writing guide “Wonderbook“, featuring the illustrations of Jeremy Zerfoss.  I also have some illustrations in the book itself, based on this Myster Odd video.

Artist and Concept Designer Dermot Power, who painted the amazing splash image for this site, did this fantastic painting of NaN, Our Lady of Omissions, from my novelette Slow Boat.  Last thing NaN remembers, she was snoozing on her coach in Reno.  Either someone has stolen the couch—not to mention the building, the city, the air, and the gravity—or someone has stolen NaN herself.  Read what happens next in the August 2010 issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction, and check here in the coming months for news on downloadable e-book versions.

Dermot Power has designed for films such as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, V for Vendetta, and the Harry Potter and Star Wars series.  You can see his film, video game, and comic book designs on his website.  And see his blog for the ongoing adventures of a disgruntled space goblin and his not-so-faithful dog.

Click on the image to see the extra-large version.

NaN wakes up, by Dermot Power

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