Here’s my first interview as a writer, courtesy of the excellent, intriguing Schlock Magazine:

Something I do with everything I write: switch the sex of the major characters. Not all at once: one at a time. How does the switch affect my sense of the character’s motivations? How about the relationships: is that other character still a lover, or is it now a friendship, [read more…]

Here’s some handy (and inspiring!) advice from a stack of great authors, including Gene Wolfe, Neil Gaiman, Jane Yolen, Ann & Jeff VanderMeer, Joe Haldeman, etc. etc. etc.  I am also somehow mixed up in there, and very very honored to be so. Shared Worlds: Hand in Hand Shared Worlds [read more…]

I’ve been thinking about the non-trivial differences between a writer and a would-be writer—the trivial differences being writing anything at all, finishing that thing, and letting someone you wouldn’t trust with your life read it—and I think perhaps one such difference is: would-be writers find something of themselves in every [read more…]

For the Clarion Write-a-Thon, I am revising the six drafts I wrote during Clarion 2010.  My first week story is titled “The Last Cup”.  I came up with the idea Saturday while driving down to San Diego with Clarion-mates Jennifer Hsyu and Dallas Taylor, and wrote it up over the [read more…]

Six weeks, six stories, 152 pages, 31,000 words.  Not to mention five one-on-ones with my writing heroes, three significant rewrites, strange and challenging writing exercises, over 2800 pages of personal critiques, and something like 80 stories from my Clarion-mates to read. Oh, and did I mention twenty-odd friends for life?

We’re entering our second week here at the Clarion 2010 Writers’ Workshop, with Delia Sherman passing the baton to George R.R. Martin, and… that’s all I am allowed to say. We are under orders not to blog about the workshop while we are here. As if we would have the [read more…]

Now here’s one of those crazy far-out unlikely tales of Science Fiction: l am proud and excited and somewhat baffled to announce that I will be attending the Clarion 2010 Writer’s Workshop!

A friend in the film business was alarmed by my about the future… page.  “Aren’t you worried someone will steal your ideas?”

It is commonplace advice for writers to “write what you know”.  I disagree.

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