I am leaving this Saturday for the Clarion Writers’ Workshop! I can’t wait to meet (in person!) my co-Clarionites — Stacie Brown, John Chu, William Farrar, Erin Gonzales, Jessica Hilt, Jennifer Hsyu, Adam Israel, Dustin Monk, Tamsyn Muir, Laura Praytor, L.M. Redding, Dallas Taylor, Leah Thomas, Karin Tidbeck, Tom Underberg, Kali Wallace, Kai Ashante Wilson — and the instructors: Delia Sherman, George RR Martin, Dale Bailey, Samuel R. Delany, Jeff Vandermeer, and Ann Vandermeer!

3 Responses to “Update: Clarion 2010”

  1. Could you post about your experiences? I wasn’t in a position to apply, but George R. R. Martin is an absolute idle of mine, and so are some of the others. Let all of us back in the real world know how things are going! Oh, and learn a lot and have fun. : )


  2. Todd, we hav been very specifically asked not to publicly write about our experiences here during the workshop. It’s a matter of trust; otherwise, we’d be reading each other’s blogs to find out what everyone really thinks, instead of reading and writing stories. Blogging is the mind-killer…

    I can say that we have not yet officially started the first real day, and already it has been extraordinary!

    Fear not: I’m taking notes. When everything is done, I’ll post about what I have learned… And thanks, I am sure there will be a lot of fun tucked in amongst the work and panic!

  3. Oh, that makes sense. I didn’t really expect you to do any real time blogging. Good to know you’ll be keeping notes.

    As for work and panic–just remember, pain is temporary…

    : )

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