I’m struggling here to keep up with the announcements of new stories coming out from my Clarion classmates!  Dustin Monk’s “Shiny Things”, written at Clarion, will be featured in the inaugural issue of Prime Mincer.  And Adam Israel’s story “Dog Days” is online now at Crossed Genres.  And make sure to pick up Karin TIdbeck’s story in Weird Tales (and a second from her in the next issue), Kali Wallaces’s in F&SF, Tamsyn Muir’s story and interview online at Fantasy Magazine, and keep an eye out for John Chu’s upcoming story at the Boston Review.

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  1. Greg,

    Remember me bugging you about Clarion last year? Well, it seems I’ll get be getting a first hand look, as I’ll be attending this summer!

    Damn good seeing your class getting work out there. Hope your taking care and keeping busy.


  2. Todd, wow! Congrats! I thought that name looked familiar! I am working on an “advice to Clarion attendees” post — look for it here soon!

  3. And yeah, the class of Clarion 2010 continues to careen across the landscape of SF like a schoolbus full of steam-powered vikings and space-zombies driven by a drunken Elder God. yup, pretty much exactly like that. Stay tuned for more announcements from Karin TIdbeck and Leah Thomas…!

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