My Clarion classmate Kali Wallace’s beautiful story “Botanical Exercises for Curious Girls” is out in the March/April issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction.  Kali write the first draft at Clarion, and it was both lovely and creepy in just the right measures.  Do what I am doing now: shut down the computer and head to your local bookstore to pick up a copy!

2 Responses to “Clarion: New Story from Kali Wallace!”

  1. Just read it, and that story is excellent; the best in the issue in my opinion. In its sense of strangeness, it reminded me of Kelly Link. But unlike about half of her stories, which fall apart at the end (OK, maybe I just don’t understand them), this one holds up.

  2. Allan, I agree on all counts! As I mention above, Kali workshopped the first draft of the story at Clarion 2010, and while there are some notable changes in the final version, the published version is really quite close to the original draft, which is testimony towards her enormous talents!

    An ongoing benefit of attending Clarion is the chance to critique, and thus preview, stories from my classmates, and so I know that Kali, along with many of the others, has some great stuff in the works! I’ll announce all the publications here, if I can keep up with them!

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