Mar 012010

It is commonplace advice for writers to “write what you know”.  I disagree.

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Feb 272010

All fiction is speculative fiction.

And all writing is fiction.

Feb 192010

Check out my cousin Bonnie Norman’s blog “A Working Title”.  It’s filled with insightful interviews of Science Fiction and Fantasy authors, reviews, and other good stuff.  Be prepared to spend some time reading!

Feb 192010

My short story Freia in the Sunlight has sold to Asimov’s Science Fiction!  Many many thanks to Sheila Williams, the Editor at Asimov’s, who asks tricky questions and expects good answers.

See below for more on the story.  I’ll post about issue dates and such as soon as I know myself!

Feb 132010

If there’s one thing I hope and strive for in my writing, it’s clarity.  Writing clear, concise, precise prose is always challenging, and all the more so in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

That’s because the goal (well, one goal) of fantastic fiction is to describe the new, surprising, extraordinary, the wondrous.  And it’s easy, even tempting, to be oblique, obscure, vague in these descriptions, to use the literary equivalents of murky, billowing smoke and ominous shadows.  It’s a superlative, a compliment, to say “Wow, that’s too fantastic for words.”

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This is my sixth story.  At 4200 words, it’s my shortest yet, and my third official “short story”.   (The SFWA definition is under 7500 words…)  I’d been batting the idea for this one around for a week or two, but I needed a second short story for my Clarion application, so I headed to the café and wrote it down in two long sessions.

The story starts:

Freia is beautiful, and she knows it.  Richard Wooten says so, at 0:47.

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My novella The Union of Soil and Sky is in the April/May 2010 issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction,, with a cover illustration by Duncan Long.  You can read an excerpt on the Asimov’s site.

Asimov’s says:

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Feb 042010

My fifth story, second short-enough-to-be-official short story, and first attempt at horror has passed the Shoe Review, and I’ve gotten through what I can remember of her notes, which I somehow lost, but anyway, it’s looking ready to go its own way.

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Feb 032010

I was trying to summarize what I like about the television series Lost, and in particular why I enjoy the writing.  Here are some terms that didn’t work: wacky, smart, uncommercial, ambitious, challenging, literate.  What I meant was: unapologetic.

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Jan 132010

My novelette Slow Boat has sold to Asimov’s Science Fiction!  Thanks as always to Sheila Williams at Asimov’s, and to my Writing Buddy, Shoe Gennessee; without their advice and support, the story would still be just a heap of mental and digital bits…

Slow Boat starts with our heroine waking up, and finding herself not on the couch where she fell asleep:

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