I’m delighted to be working on the latest set of One Minute Weird Tales videos for the award winning and thoroughly wonderful Weird Tales Magazine.

You can find the most recent videos on their web site.  This new series includes the educational “To the Nearest Tenth” by David R. Hughes (it’s a word problem), the cautionary “The Nightmare Jar” by Scott Emerson (which reminds us that cleanliness can be next to deadliness), and the healthful “A Visit to the Dentist” by John Walters (why, what a beautiful smile!).

My part in this is to create the video, animate the logo, write and perform the music, and mostly to try not to mess up these great (very) short stories.

These vides are also available on YouTube for viewing on your favorite portable device, so you can amaze and terrify random strangers on the street.

There are many more great episodes in the queue, so keep an eye on Weird Tales.  Actually, keep both eyes on it, just to be safe, and watch out for tentacles…

3 Responses to “New One Minute Weird Tales!”

  1. Mr. Bossert,

    I wasn’t certain how to contact you otherwise and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your work! You took my script for a One Minute Weird and metamorphed it into a YouTube video that was posted today on the Weird Tales website. I have been watching the great stuff you’ve done with the other One Minute Weirds and I was eagerly awaiting the debut of mine.

    I had thought about a soundtrack when I conceived ‘I Was A Teenage Bee Hive’ and I wrote the script intentionally with a lot of noise… but what you did was so much better than the buzzing and screaming I’d imagined.

    Thank you sooooo much, sir, for making my words ROCK!

    William Markly O’Neal

  2. Mr. O’Neal,

    I’m glad you like it! I had a blast working on “I Was A Teenage Bee Hive”! It read like a miniature film script, so I went big and sprawling, and whipped up some custom buzzy loops. The percussion at the very start is me banging on a cracked flowerpot, and the other strange sounds were computer generated and run through a little guitar amp. At 2am, or thereabouts. If the neighbors weren’t already convinced that I am crazy…
    Thanks for the kind words, and the great story!

  3. I love the loops, love the way it escalates when it gets to the swarm, and love that bitching rock tune as it climaxes. Love the Pink Floyd-esque sound effects at the end and the way the helicopter flies in from the left. And it makes me snicker now to imagine you hitting a flowerpot to start out. 🙂 I love everything about the soundtrack, really. You rock, man! My eternal gratitude. Blessings to you and yours.

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