I am delighted to be working with Weird Tales magazine on their One-Minute Weird Tales.  I’m doing the video and audio editing, and will be providing original music on many of them.   There are some great episodes coming up—one advantage of doing the videos is I get to see them first!—so follow them via RSS, LiveJournal, or Facebook!

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  1. …feels depression deepening.

    I do video game audio and composition; did that before I started writing full time. My room used to be packed in with an organ, piano, guitars, bass, amps, flutes, drums, didges…

    Writing music for Weird Tales. Oh, God help me. Sounds amazing. Have fun with that! I’ll check them out.

  2. The Weird Tales thing is a bit of a fluke: right place at right time, and all thanks to the delightful and extraordinary Ann VanderMeer. The one-minute flash-fiction video idea is pretty cool, and the writing for the four I have done so far is fantastic. Keep an eye on the Weird Tales site for the new episodes!

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