My stories in Asimov’s—the entire issues, in fact—are available for your favorite e-book reader from Fictionwise:

And check here in the coming year for revised e-book versions with commentary, deleted scenes, and artwork like Dermot Power’s fantastic painting below.

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  1. I read Freia in the Sunlight awhile back and loved it. Recently I felt like rereading it but for the life of me couldn’t remember where I read it. I don’t borrow books or read magazines so I can only assume it was in one of the many anthologies I own. Is there any chance you’d know which one’s it’s been included in so I can track it down? Alternatively is there anywhere I can purchase a copy of the story? Sadly the Fictionwise link above is now a dud since it seems they were bought out by Barnes & Noble.

  2. yes where can i find a copy of this story? the fictionwise links do not work.

  3. Thank you both, and apologies to “Freia Fan” for missing this comment last year! I’m trying to track down some way to buy the original Asimov’s issue, but it may be out of print. The story is available in audio form at Escape Pod – there’s text at that link as well, but it’s missing the blockquote formatting of the original story.

    As far as I know, none of my Asimov’s stories have been appeared in anthologies, though “Slow Boat” has been reprinted in Russian and is coming soon in Czech. Someday I hope to pull together a short story collection, or perhaps release “director’s cut” versions as e-books. If that happens, I’ll post the info here!

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