My novella The Union of Soil and Sky has sold to Asimov’s Science Fiction!  This the second story I’ve written, and my first sale.

Many thanks to Sheila Williams, the editor at Asimov’s, for her support; the story is much improved thanks to her questions and advice.  Likewise to my Writing Buddy, Shoe, without whom I’d never have finished this (or any) story.  More thanks to Dermot Power, Mark Wachsler, and Sarah Bossert for proofreading, comments, heck, for reading the stories at all!

The Union of Soil and Sky follows a group of archaeologists digging on an alien planet, who find themselves caught between suspicious human settlers and a surprising discovery.

2 Responses to “Sale: The Union of Soil and Sky”

  1. Hi Greg,

    I loved The Union of Soil and Sky! It was terrific! Are you planning on taking it further?


  2. Emile,

    Many thanks for reading the story, and for your kind comment!

    As for taking it further, I do have some thoughts about a sequel of sorts. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how the situation ends up with Inanna. (I am trying to avoid spoilers here) All I say is that her name was not chosen randomly…

    I’ve got a handful of other stories under development right now, however, so a second novella or an expansion into a novel will probably not happen in the next few months. Though… I’m never quite sure which story is going to come out when I sit down to write: sometimes one will just insist on going first…!

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