I’m absolutely delighted to have sold my weird Weird short story “Left Hand Jane” to Conjunctions, for their Fall 2017 issue on the theme “Being Bodies”.

Was a Left Hand Jane. You know.
She said (doing her voice here) she said, “If I knew where I left it would I be in this dump?” The way the veins sucked the blood back in as fast as it flowed out the arteries with the sound of a straw reaching bottom? The wrist bones stacked like old ivory dice? The drifting silver lace of nerve? You know.

The left hand jane, she kicks the door open with high-laced boots, blinks daylight from her eyes until she sees the length of the bar, leads off with that left arm, a few drops of blood flung too fast for the veins to reclaim splatting on the wood.

Her right sleeve tucked into her jacket pocket, the bulge of gloves tissues a comb a stick of gum a switchblade knife but no hand on that side either. A trained eye can tell.


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