I’ve sold my story Goner to Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.

Nok came through the door and plowed into him, elbows first as always, and then Tina, and Drum came in last, dropped his flowboard and just stood there, head back, mouth open.

A man floated below the cathedral ceiling, just under the skylight, anchored by an orange cable that ran from his chest down into the machines. A sketch of a man, rather, a scribbled web of lines in charcoal black against the white wall. Like the software they had in class, the Visible Man, when you toggled off everything but the nervous system. Like the tube documentaries, the protest memes, the sims.

“Crap on a crutch. It’s a—“ Nok said.

“He,” Char said. “He’s Colin R. Clark.”

Drum walked across the room, still looking up, and put his hand on the orange cable. Char could see it vibrating under the tension. Drum mouthed a syllable, airless, but Char knew what it was: “Dad”.

2 Responses to “Sale: Goner to Asimov’s”

  1. Hi Gregory,

    Just found Twelve and Tag in The Years Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2016 by Rich Horton. Great stuff. Are you planning on putting your stories in one book so I can get them all in one gulp? Keep it up.

  2. Bob, many many thanks! Yes, I have some hopes for a story collection, or perhaps two — one for the science fiction stuff and one for the fantasy and horror.
    Thanks again for reading, and taking the time to comment here! It’s much appreciated.

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