I’ve sold my alternate history piece “Appearing Nightly” to Bourbon Penn, and my weird tale “Catch U Death” to Kaleidotrope. Both venues are wonderful, genre-defying journals, and I am honored and delighted to have work there. Kaleidotrope previously published my undead gangster historical fantasy horror romance “Spinning the Thread“.
Here’s a taste of “Catch U Death”:

Antony walking down the street with his shirt off glowing
even though it’s October and half the folk on the street have
jackets and the crazy lady that lives in the burnt-out ruin of
the package store wearing her hat with the earflaps, she shakes
her head earflaps flying and mutters something about heathens
but Antony don’t mean no disrespect, it’s just that the fire
burns in him all the time and he’s got to let it out. Antony
walking down the street with the fire burning in him like the
sun itself is walking there and the folk on the street loosen
their scarves and smile as he passes even if they don’t know
exactly why, as if the fire has gone right past their eyes and
into their hearts. Or into their gullets, that’s where the
voice come from says Tia Marn, and sure as Antony passes the
folk on the street think of that thing they were going to say,
or hum a snatch of that song they heard that one night when, and
even the crazy lady whistles something, might be “Catch a
Falling Star” and she’s thinking about Perry Como and almost
remembers that thing she’s been forgetting.

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